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There Are Twelve (12) Steps To Our System! 

The Principles, Techniques and Strategies You Will 

 Learn During This 12 Step Program Are  

 Guaranteed To Be Financially

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach him to

fish and he will eat forever!" - Unknown 


 "Let Us Help You Find The Millionaire

Within You!" - "the Colonel" 



Hello and Welcome!  


Before I began lets have a little fund.  Many years ago when I was a young U. S. Army Officer and stationed at Fort Hood, Texas I got aquainted to wearing Cowboy Boots and those wide brim Cowboy hats.  In fact, I still wear cowboy boots every day but I wear my cowboy hats only on occasion. One day while shopping in downtown Kaleen Texas a complete stranger walk up to me and said, "Big Hat, No Cattle", well not knowing what he meant I just smiled and kept shopping.


Fast forward about 25 years later:  Not long ago I was out and about here in Los Angeles, Ca and wearing my cowboy boots and my cowbow hat some joker, walked up to me and said, "Big Hat, No Cattle!"  he reminded me of what that joker had said to me a long time ago, but this time I was ready.  I responded, "Big Hat, No Cattly But A Growing Number of Houses!"  You have know idea how good I felt to be able to respond that way!  


My point is this:  If you are willing to spend some time with my son and me, I am confident that in the future if someone ever say to you, "Beautiful Car, No Cattle" your response will be "Beautiful Car, No Cattle, But Several Houses!" 


We would like to invite you to join our Financial Freedom and Wealth Building Mastermind Free Seminar, seminars that "Will Change Your Life", guaranteed!  Following is our workshop schedule:  

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4 PM Pacific & 7 PM Pacific

Zoom ID:  526 223 5826

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All 4 PM Secessions will be repeated at 7 PM! 


This schedule will help us accomendate everyone who wishes to attend the workshop to include those who don't get off from work until five or six PM and those on the East Coast!   Also, I will continue to work to find another day to conduct the same workshops!   


You may attend either one or both sessions if you desire!  Our purpose for doing two sessions is to help eliminate any and all excuses!


Fair Warning 03:


These Twelve Steps Are Steps You Have Never Been   

Taught BUT Fear Not As They Are Learnable and Doable     

Steps That Anyone Can Master. However; We Should Warn 

 You In Advance That These Are Steps That Although 

They Are Doable, Most Will never Do!


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"the Colonel" & Randy

Carlton L. Dowdy, U.S. Army, (Ret.)


If you have ever used zoom you already know that you can participate on zoom without being seen and you may also use an alias if so desired.  The only requirement is you must email me if you want to participate in this workshop.  


If you have any debt, good or bad of if any of your family members have any debt, good or bad, what we are offering you here will change how you look at debt and life forever!


Fair Warning!  During my military career, I was often told that I operated too far outside the box! Yet, I retired in the top 5% of all U. S. Military Service personnel. My commanders always seemed to disliked like my approach but always loved my results!  Results! Results! Honorable Results is all that has ever mattered to me!  Register Here!


I loved the military!  After I retired and had to wear civilian clothes and apparently away went my edge.  But after a few years of being retired one of my friends branded me as, “the Colonel” and since that branding it all seemed to come back.  Before that I was just surviving.  But after that I returned to my very methodical and deep penetrating and critically self.  It was as if I had again dawned on my military uniform again.  

This may sound crazy but even to this day, after being retired from the military for 20 plus years, whenever I come upon a difficult mental situation I dawn my old army cap and sit quietly in my office, (just as I did when I was in the military) and invariably a workable solution revealed itself to me, every time.  Over the years I have learned how to Enter the ZONE at Will!  Learn More


Below is me and my 2005 E500!  I really like this car!  It has been a good friend and always has gotten me there and back.  But what I like most about that car is this:

Because it has been such a great car I have not had to buy another car.  Since 2010 when I finish paying for it I have been able to save that, (about $500) per month.  So what did I do with that$500 per month!  I build a Studio Appartment that pays me $1600 per month and will continue pay even more as the years go by.  My family will benefit for years to come from my decision to keep driving my E500 and using the saved funds to build that studio appartment.  Did I make the right decision to keep that E500, I think I did! Learn More!